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Enhance the ambience of any room with scented candles from JS Candles. We sell soy wax candles that contain 100% vegetable oil as well as essential oils to give each of our products an aromatic scent.

At JS Candles, our mission is to provide the market with the best-scented and safest candles available. We also aim to support cancer and mental health research by donating a percentage of our sales to relevant health organizations. Contact us in Holiday, Florida to learn more. 

Candles with a Cause 

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We are celebrating  May with Lilac Scented Candles of the Month

Buy 2 Lilac Scented candles, get the third candle at 50% off

May Meaning & Symbolism

May is a beautiful month for both hemispheres. In the North, spring is gradually blooming into summer, while the South celebrates the beautiful colors of autumn and its harvest. Late May represents the start of the warm vacation season in many parts of the world, meaning any symbol that speaks of festivities can be associated with this month.

May Flowers Symbolism

Lily of the Valley

May month also has two special flowers associated with her: Lily of the Valley and the Mayflower. Although certainly beautiful with its delicate white bells, Lily of the Valley is highly poisonous. This can be interpreted symbolically in a multitude of ways, but perhaps the most simplified version would say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”


The Mayflower, appropriately named after May symbolism, is also white, bringing forth such ideas as purity, goodness, and sincerity. The hawthorn plant is also connected with May. Additionally, Mother’s Day is celebrated during May in the United States, making the themes of maternity and unconditional love also relevant.

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