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About Us


In 2017, we started JS Candles in Holiday, Florida because we are passionate about candles. We love how, when lit, they release a soothing aroma that lingers in the air. Apart from our passion for candles, we started the business to raise awareness on cancer and other serious diseases.

Our Story

Jeannie Correnti and Samantha Bull are an aunt-and-niece duo who have decided to start making candles a year ago with one cause in mind: “all cancers and diseases matter.”

  Jeannie is a medical assistant and office manager in an internal medicine primary care office and worked in a psychiatric facility. She is a widow 

cancer victim and a mother of two grown boys. Her eldest child suffers with a mental health disease.

 Samantha is a stay-at-home mother who has worked with disabled children in local schools. She has a child with glucose issues and learning disabilities and another with heart arrhythmia. Samantha joined her aunt just recently in the idea of starting a company to help support

 childhood cancers and diseases.

In today’s world all we hear in the media is about breast cancer. As women, I understand that breast cancer is a monster that has taken 

     over our lives and society. Let’s stop to think for a minute at how far advanced medicine has come, all the treatments and surgical procedures

 we have for breast cancer, and all its survivors due to the technology that have been developed.

Now, let’s  think for a minute of all the other types of cancers and diseases that we don't hear about  in the media and is  killing our children, such

 as brain cancer, leukemia, neuroblastoma, Wilms tumor, bone cancer, and mental health diseases like paranoid schizophrenia and depression.

Why aren’t we talking about these types of cancers and diseases or doing research and raising money to help pay for these children’s health care services?

     We can help make childhood cancer and mental health disease research  a national priority. While the United States Congress decides on 

      which causes to support financially, only a small percentage of government funding goes to childhood cancer and mental health disease research.                  That  is not enough to make progress.

      Therefore, with our Christian faith and God’s support, we have decided to take a stand and be the children’s voice. Our candles are made with    passion, love, and dedication. For every candle that is sold, we donate 20% of the proceeds to the children’s cancer organization and disease      research.

We hope you will support us in our journey and show your love to all the children who need us most.

How It All Began

We began pouring candles by hand in our kitchen and giving them to our family and friends. Before long, people were quickly asking if we could produce more candles. It was this thought that began our journey into becoming a family-owned-and-operated candle producer.

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Looking for an Alternative to Paraffin Wax

We started to do some research and learned that most candles are made from paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product produced when refining oil into gasoline. According to a report from the Environmental Protection Agency, paraffin wax contains 11 toxins, two of which are considered to cause cancer, and is harmful when burned.

Paraffin is essentially a toxic waste product. Disposing of waste materials is one of the costliest processes in most industries. The petroleum industry found a way to reduce this cost in paraffin wax.

Oil refineries are strictly regulated by the EPA when it comes to burning off waste materials. A visit to almost any store, however, will make you realize that you can buy these waste products and burn them in your own home!

In our research, we also learned that most commercially-made fragrances are produced using chemicals and petroleum-based synthetics. The soot produced by these materials can contain harmful elements such as carcinogens, neurotoxins, and reproductive toxins. Apart from these, there are toxins that can come from the metals used in wicks and other synthetic candle additives.

The candle industry earns $2.9 billion a year. While soy candles are quickly becoming known as a safe alternative, most candle purchases are still paraffin candles. This allows the petroleum industry to profit greatly from their waste.

To be fair, paraffin was introduced by the petroleum industry long before we learned about its harmful effects. There’s no reason to ignore those effects, though. Modern research shows us how toxic paraffin is.

In a random sampling of 30 paraffin candles done by the EPA, it was revealed that the candles contained the following toxins:

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  • 2-Butanone
  • Acetone (A Known Carcinogen)
  • Benzene (A Known Carcinogen)

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  • Carbon Black Particulate Matter (Soot)
  • Carbon Disulfide
  • Carbon Tetrachloride

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  • Ethybenezene
  • Styrene
  • Tetrachloroethene
  • Toluene

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  • Trichloroethane
  • Trichloroflouromethane
  • Xylene

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In comparison, burning diesel fuel produces similar emissions, which have been known to cause upper respiratory problems.

Many activities today leave us with no healthy option. Candle burning shouldn’t be one of them. Thankfully, we have a better alternative now. You can now light soy wax candles and enjoy their soothing aromas without compromising your health.

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